Peeling away layers of fear.

There is no room for fear in goal chasing. For those of you who haven’t heard me ramble on about my race plans for 2017, catch up! I’m going sub-20:00 for the 5k, if it kills me. Putting longer distance racing on the back burner for a while. I’ve really only been back to typical […]

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On turning a training run into a PR.

While the Sun Run 10k failed miserably at living up to its name, that gloomy, rainy January morning proved to be a game changer. I’ve always whined about the 10k distance. “I hate 10ks” or “It’s my worst race distance” or “10ks hurt so bad!” I’d say. Relatively speaking, the 10k was my slowest time compared […]

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On the mend and looking ahead!

About 3 weeks after my 50 miler, I finally started to get my bearings back. I’ve been slowly building back base mileage without much trouble. Fast forward to 5 weeks post-race, and I’m already signed up for a February 2017 marathon. Back in February 2016, I was offered a comp entry into the 2017 Arizona […]

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